Cre cho yindyssagh as va shen!!!!  How great was that!!!!

Fastyr ‘sy Phairk! – An Afternoon in the Park : Mooragh Park
Ellan Vannin Pipes and Drums opened the entertainment by marching down through the park to the canopied area, where they gave an enjoyable mixed set of Manx and Scottish tunes, showing how Manx tunes adapt very well to the pipes.
Scoill Daunse Yernagh Ellan Vannin showed off their Irish dancing skills in both soft and hard shoes, from the youngest members to some of the senior girls. Thanks to Sharon Rye’s pupils for another colourful display, full of bounce and energy.
Perree Bane had lots of young people up from the audience to join in, as well as performing a set of Manx dances to accordions, concertina, guitar, whistle and dollan accompaniment .
Rhythm of Bulgaria performed some of the dances of Bulgaria to an enthusiastic audience, who were only too pleased to accept an invitation to take part in a traditional horo. Vladimir Stefanov played the Bulgarian bagpipe, the gaida, to the singing of Ivelina Georgieva.

Leaght Ian O’Leary – Ian O’Leary Lecture : Ramsey Town Hall
Dr Peter Davey gave an illustrated talk entitled Philip Moore Callow Kermode – ‘Patriot, Scholar, Antiquary, Naturalist’: a man for his time and ours? to a packed audience. Dr Davey revealed PMC Kermode as more of a polymath than perhaps is generally known. After outlining Kermode’s work and achievements, Dr Davey raised the point about whether Kermode’s legacy has been, or is being, fulfilled following his death in 1931, and this led to a very interesting debate which gave the audience plenty to talk about over refreshments (thanks to Ruth Keggin for the excellent Rocky Road!).  Thanks to Dr Davey for such a stimulating presentation.

Kiaull ‘sy Voir-Agglish – Music in the Cathedral
The music of Manx duo, Chronicles with David Kilgallon on the Cathedral organ and Russell Gilmour on the piccolo trumpet, modern trumpet and cornetto, explored the full dynamic range in music from the Island, from Ireland and from Norway.
Yn Chruinnaght has enjoyed music from a range of cultures over the years, and the music and song of Bulgaria rang out impressively through the Cathedral, with the Bulgarian bagpipe, the gaida, played by Vladimir Stefanov, with a strong vocal by singer Ivelina Georgieva.
The beautiful voice of Mischa Macpherson held the audience enthralled, with thoughtful accompaniment by Innes White on guitar and Ali Levack on whistle and pipes, and occasional harp by Mischa herself. It was plain to see (or hear) why the Mischa Macpherson Trio have attracted so many awards.

21:00  Kiaull ‘sy Ghiau – Music in the Creek : Creek Inn
An enthusiastic audience was first treated to a set of songs by The Mollag Band, then Mec Lir had people dancing and bouncing around to their exciting, full-on sound.

Kiaull ‘sy Chabbal – Music in the Chapel : Peel Methodist Church
Ruth Keggin opened a very enjoyable acoustic lunchtime concert with music from Ireland and Shetland on the flute, and a song in English (from Ireland), a Scottish Gaidhlig puirt-e-beal, and finishing with the Manx song, Graih Foalsey.
Ruth’s items were presented in turn-about with Cornish dancers, singers and musicians, Keskowethyans. Lauren Chandler performed songs in English and Cornish, and Lauren and Lowenna Hosken – in Redruth bal maiden costume – performed Cornish dances to the accompaniment of Cas Davey on guitar and Stuart MacQuarrie on fiddle.
18:00  Puirt-a-beul – singing workshop : Peel Golf Club
About 20 people joined Mischa MacPherson for her workshop, who soon had them singing away in Gaidhlig.

20: 00 Ceili! Troyl! Fest Noz! : Peel Golf Club
The evening opened with the last ever set by the Calor Gas Ceili Band at Yn Chruinnaght after 36 years.  The floor was packed from the start.  Lowenna Hosken was then the caller for a popular set of Cornish dancing, led by Keskowethans.  The evening came to a powerful conclusion with the committed singing of Lors Landat and playing of Thomas Moisson on accordion – Duo Landat-Moisson from Brittany. 

20:00  Fastyr Beg ny Bannyn – Bands Night : The Institute, Laxey
The Institute was packed with an appreciative audience who thoroughly enjoyed the music of Malcolm Stitt, Scammylt, Matt Creer and Mec Lir.

13:15  Kiaull ‘sy Chabbal – Music in the Chapel : Peel Methodist Church
The very enjoyable lunchtime concert was opened by members of the QEII Club Kiaull, who had been brought along to play by teacher Paul Rogers. Deirdre Nic Éanruig of Oireachtas na Gaeilge sang three songs in Irish, including one with a tune very familiar to Manx audiences. The concert closed with Paul Rogers accompanying one of the current members of Club Kiaull, Isla, and former member Doona, who play together as Tree Cassyn.

 16:30  Çhengaghyn Celtiagh – Celtic Languages : Guild Room
There were over 20 people present to discuss the importance of storytelling in language learning. After a short preliminary discussion about the current situation in Ireland and Wales, Mererid Hopwood of yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol demonstrated how patterns of language could easily be picked up and reinforced through context by taking us through a simple story which we told back to her. Maire ni Laoire went a step further, using an Irish language version of the well-known song about Molly Malone, showing again how familiarity and context were helpful, and then using the text to illustrate points of grammar within it.

20:00  Cuirrey-Kiaullee – Concert : Centenary Centre
Greg Joughin demonstrated what an excellent song-writer and singer he is with an unaccompanied set to open the concert. Paul Rogers and Matt Kelly gave us an eclectic mix of tunes, playing together as Strengyn. They were joined by Greg for a song, before closing the first half to great applause.
The second half was a virtuoso display by the band Flook, who played for about an hour-and-a-half and received a huge ovation for their outstanding musicianship – and guitarist Ed Boyd got to celebrate his birthday on stage!

11:00  Keirdlann Daunse y Chorn – Cornish dance workshop : Centenary Centre
Keskowethyans had people dancing with brooms as well as with each other in an enjoyable workshop.

11:00-16:00  Margey Keirdee – Craft Fair : Corrin HallThe Corrin Hall was filled with stalls displaying all sorts of crafts – and much appreciated refreshments, too.
12:00-16:00  Keirdlann Grainney- Carving Workshop : Corrin Hall
Seven people enjoyed a Welsh lovespoon carving workshop with Sharon Littley

15:00  Roltagyn Aegey! – Rising Stars! : Peel Methodist Church
A wide-ranging display of styles showed the future of music in good hands, with traditional music on the harp played by Arabella Ayen.  Arabella was followed by singer-songwriter, Marc McCabe Kelly and his guitar.  In traditional mode again, Owen Williams played accordion and whistle to accompany his sister, Ailish, in Manx dances.  The final performer was another singer-songwriter, Frankie Greenwood, performing to her own piano playing.

 15:00  Seshoon Kiaullee – Music Session : The Highwayman
An interested audience gathered to enjoy the sound of traditional music being played by Katie and Kirsty Lawrence.

20:00  Cuirrey-Kiaullee – Concert : Centenary Centre
The evening opened with music, song and dance from Cornwall performed by Keskowethyans.

After a quick change by Cornish singer, Lauren Chandler, she joined singers Ruth Keggin and Lors Landat on stage to join forces with Rachel Hair (harp), Gilno Carswell (clarinet), Russell Gilmour (trumpet and cornetto), Matt Creer (drums), Malcolm Stitt (bouzouki), Tomas Callister (fiddle), Thomas Moisson (accordion) and David Kilgallon (keyboards) for the premiere of David’s specially commissioned piece, ‘The Gathering’. The musicians and singers were also joined in one section by Cornish dancer, Lowenna Hosken and Manx dancers, Ali Carroon and Grainne Joughin. It was a piece which ranged from nebulous sections to fantastic, very punchy interplay between the players. A tour de force, very much enjoyed by an appreciate audience.

In the second half of the concert, Duo Landat-Moissons displayed their passion for music and dance, and straight away had the audience up dancing round the Centenary Centre. The end of a great night all round.


12:00-16:00  Keirdlann Grainnee – Carving Workshop : House of Manannan
Ten more people enjoyed a Welsh lovespoon carving workshop with Sharon Littley

14:00  Seshoon fo’n Speyr! – Outdoor Session!  : House of Manannan
In the Peel sunshine, northern-based dancers Ny Fennee, with their Lezayre-styled costume opened the afternoon’s entertainment. After the vigour and movement, there was an opportunity to sit and enjoy the music (and singing – thank you, Callum) of the Bree Supergroup. The name of the dance group Perree Bane comes from the men’s distinctive white jackets, as once worn particularly by the men of Cregneish in the south of the Island. They performed another strong set of dances for the good crowd of onlookers. Finally there was a treat as Grainne Joughin introduced some very young dancers who meet up weekly at the House of Manannan to learn Manx traditional dancing. The youngest is only three. Their mums weren’t to be denied either, but it was the dancing of the very young ones, the House of Manannan Mini-Dancers, that brought the afternoon to a lovely conclusion.

15:00  Seshoon Kiaullee – Music Session : The Royal
It was a very relaxed and happy set of musicians, joined by various committee members and other friends, who enjoyed the sunshine and music at The Royal.