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Claare - Yn Chruinnaght 2014 - Programme

Son fys er jantee keayrtagh, jeeagh er - For information about visiting performers, see - Keayrtee / Guest Artists

  • Davy Knowles

    Davy Knowles

  • Mabon

    Jamie Smith's Mabon

  • The Brim

    The Brim

  • The Friel Sisters

    The Friel Sisters

Heese ta'n chlaare son 2014 - Below is the programme for 2014.

Jecrean 16 Jerrey Souree - Wednesday 16 July

Kiaull 'sy Voir Agglish - Music in the Cathedral - 7.30pm

A concert with Davy Knowles and other Manx and visiting artists.

St German's Cathedral.
Thanks to Dean Godfrey and the Wardens of for enabling Yn Chruinnaght to hold the event in such a beautiful setting.

Bannyn 'sy Ghiau - Bands in the Creek 9.00pm

And the night is not yet over, with music in a relaxed atmosphere at The Creek.

Jerdein 17 Jerrey Souree - Thursday 17 July

Fest Noz Lowen! - Breton and Cornish Ceili - 8.00pm

A chance to dance, with Julian Whiting leading Cornish dancing to the sound of The Brim, guitarist Jamie Toms and accordion player Alan Pengelly.

And a Breton fest noz! Those deceptively easy-looking dances and the sinuous sounds of Breton melodies!

Peel Golf Club.
Thanks to the Club for the opportunity to revisit their excellent facilities this year.

Jeheiney 18 Jerrey Souree - Friday 18 July

Cuirrey kiaullee - Concert - 8.00pm

The exciting sound of Jamie Smith's Mabon

with full support

Centenary Centre, Atholl Street, Peel

Jesarn 19 Jerrey Souree - Saturday 19 July

Roltagyn Ry Heet! - Rising Stars - 3.00pm

A showcase for young winners of the Aundyryn Kiaull-Theay Vannin (Manx Folk Awards) and Soundcheck artists.

Peel Methodist Church, Atholl Street, Peel

Cuirrey kiaullee - Concert - 8.00pm

The sound of the Donegal Gaeltacht with a Glasgow blass -
The Friel Sisters

with full support

Centenary Centre, Atholl Street, Peel

Jedoonee 21 Jerrey Souree - Sunday 21 July

Seshoon fo'n Speyr - Outdoor Session - 2.00pm

To bring Yn Chruinnaght 2014 to a close, an afternoon of open-air dance and music,

House of Manannan, East Quay, Peel