Yindyssagh! Feailley feer vie dy jarroo! Cre elley fod mayd gra?!

Wonderful! A very good festival indeed! What more can we say?!

Superb musicianship, ranging from the sublimely calm, poised and beautiful to the full-blooded, whole-hearted and rousing.

Great dance displays, and how wonderful to see the youngsters (from Cara at only 2½ years old!) at the heart of the action.

Walks, talks, poetry and Pictish artwork and congratulations to Ruth Keggin for organizing another tip-top Artisan Fair which attracted the plaudits of the participants as well as the appreciative public.

Grateful thanks to Manx Radio – for the first time we had a whole afternoon on Manx Radio AM1368 dedicated to Yn Chruinnaght, with a host of live interviews by Michelle Jamieson and Adrian Cain, bringing a vibrant taste of the festival in Manx and English to the listeners.

And, of course, some fine sessions in The Whitehouse, without which Yn Chruinnaght just wouldn’t be the festival that it is! Thanks indeed, once again, to Neil Keig and the team.