Cooish Manx Language Festival – 17 & 18 November 2018

Yn Chruinnaght will join forces with Cooish again to organise the entertainment during the two day Manx language festival.

Jesarn 17 Mee Houney – Saturday 17 November:

Yn Chruinnaght will host a ‘Giense’ in conjunction with the Cooish Manx Language Festival for Manx speakers, young and old, beginners and fluent speakers.

Kaylee as quiss ec Halley ny Masoonee ayns Purt ny h-Inshey voish 7.30pm. Bee yn quiss cooie son slieh ta er ve gynsagh rish tammylt beg. Bee Clash Vooar, as Kipperceilli cloie as bee Annie Kissack, Yn Bard, noa ayn neesht!
Gaelic songs & music from Clash Vooar, quiz and raffle in Manx & ceili dancing with Kippercaillie! Fun for all the family.
Peel Masonic Hall, 7.30pm
£5 / £3 U16 – ticket wristbands must be bought in advance from Chloe or Adrian (call into Culture Vannin or Adrian’s Manx classes to find them) or reserved:
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Last year, Yn Chruinnaght joined forces with Cooish for the first time to organise two days of Manx language events and activities on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October.

We looked for ways to encourage people to use as much Gaelg on social media as possible that day, whilst the Department of Education and Children peripatetic Manx language team had some specific projects for their students. There were a series of well-attended workshops in Culture Vannin’s headquarters in St John’s, and a Gaelg concert at the Masonic Hall in Peel which included music from Scran and the Mollag Band, as well as a quiz and the launch of a new book from Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh.

It was also a useful opportunity to brainstorm ideas and to encourage people join in to help develop the Cooish in the future.