North Cornwall Ceilidh Band

Mervyn and Alison Davey, their daughter Jowdy and son Carasek are from Cornwall. Eliaz Lorho-Pasco is from Brittany. Heather Lane is from Scotland.

Merv Davey and his three brothers formed a band called Bucca, which recorded a commercial album of Cornish music, which he has also published. Merv has been Bardh Meur Gorsedh Kernow, the Chief Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd, and his bardic name is Telynores an Weryn, the Country’s Harper. He also plays banjo, as well as pipes of different sorts, including the double-chantered Cornish pipes. He has performed as a member of several different groups and completed his PhD in folk tradition and identity in 2011.

Alison Davey has, with Merv, researched Cornish dancing, founding the dance group Cam Kernewek. Together, and with their daughter Jowdy, they have published a book about Scoot dancing, a traditional dance form in Cornwall, and written about the social background of that and other forms of dance and social assembly. She calls Cornish dances for troyls (Cornish ceilis) and thumps the drum in various musical groups.

Jowdy Davey is a flute and whistle player and dancer (there is a picture of her at about four years of age performing a Cornish broom dance at Yn Chruinnaght in Ramsey). Having been born into a musical family, she has been performing traditional music and dance of Cornwall throughout her life, but has also composed new pieces, and looks for ways to promote music and dance based in the tradition in new and innovative ways.

Carasek Davey has also been involved in performing Cornish music throughout his life. He has made a career as a luthier, a maker of stringed musical instruments, to his own designs. He performs for troyls (and has been known to go ‘up country’) with the Brim Ceilidh Band, and has recently joined his parents and sister as a Director of the Cornish festival, Lowender Peran, having returned to Cornwall from a workshop ‘up country’ in Devon.

Eliaz Lorho-Pasco is from a family of Breton singers, several of whom have professional careers in music inspired by their mother Catherine. Eliaz sings as part of a family group and also plays the bombarde, including having been a member of the only professional Bagad, the Bagad Lann-Bihoué of Lorient. He also plays clarinet and saxophone. The Lorho-Pasco family were amongst the early supporters of the Cornish-Breton AberFest, which takes place in Falmouth every second year, in rotation with the Breizh-Kernow Festival held in Brandivy, near the Lorho-Pasco family home. He now lives in Cornwall where he is married to Jowdy Davey.

Heather Lane lives now in Cornwall, but she is a Scottish Highland dancer and dance caller.

The multi-talented Davey Family will be calling Troyl dances at the ceili nights and performing at various events during the festival.