Mera Royle

Mera Royle began playing the whistle and violin at seven years of age, and in the following year was introduced to the harp by inspirational teacher Mike Boulton RBV. Having been thoroughly immersed in Manx traditional music through Mike Boulton, and later through Culture Vannin’s Bree sessions, Mera is also a composer. Her goal is to become involved in writing music for the screen.

Mera has been tutored in the harp by great Scottish harper Rachel Hair, and she and other young Manx harp players performed with Rachel at the Edinburgh Harp Festival this year.

In April Mera was awarded the prestigious BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award at a ceremony in The Waterfront Concert Hall in Belfast which was heard live on the radio and was also broadcast by BBC Television.


Mera Royle playing Moirrey ny Gainle.