Mec Lir

Mec Lir take traditional tunes and give them a strong and vigorous setting that defies listeners to keep still. The group is made up of three alumni of the Manx traditional music scene and a Scottish friend, Greg Barry, who provides a rock-solid beat and also sings.

Tomas Callister is a fantastic fiddle player who is a founder-member of The Reeling Stones, has played internationally with King Chiaullee and with Jamie Smith’s Mabon, and is a member of the trio Barrule with Jamie Smith and Adam Rhodes.

Adam Rhodes drives the group on, providing lead lines and chordal structure on bouzouki. Adam was a member of King Chiaullee who now plays with Jamie Smith’s Mabon and is a member of Barrule.

On keyboards and occasional fiddle is David Kilgallon, another former member of King Chiaullee and who has played fiddle with Mabon and is a member of the duo, Chronicles , who will be performing in St German’s Cathedral on Wednesday 15 July. David’s commissioned piece, The Gathering, will be premiered at the Centenary Centre on Saturday 18 July.

Mec Lir will be visiting schools, and also performing in The Creek in Peel on Wednesday 15 July and Laxey Working Men’s Institute on Thursday 16 July.