Duo Landat-Moisson

Duo Landat-Moisson – singer Lors Landat and accordionist Thomas Moisson – are passionate about the dance music of Brittany.  They take the repertoire of Breizh Isel, the western part of Brittany, mix it in with the accordion music of the kof ha kof tradition – literally, belly and belly, where the dancers face each other for the mazurka, schottische – and spice it up with their own compositions and arrangements.

Yn Chruinnaght had the pleasure of hearing the songs and music of Lors and Thomas together when they took part in the festival in 2011.  Lors first came to Yn Chruinnaght with the band KaouaD in 2008, and his singing features on Yn Chruinnaght’s CD ‘The Gathering’.

Lors and Thomas – Duo Landat-Moisson – perform with consummate skill, verve and good humour to provide a potent cocktail of music and song, with traditional flavours shaken up and served with a modern twist.