Jamie Smith’s MABON

Jamie Smith’s MABON are among the UK’s foremost and finest exponents of original, InterCeltic music. Vocals, accordion, fiddle, bouzouki, bass and drums are subtly exploited by five dynamic, accomplished musicians, working traditional forms and styles anew in songs and melodies by composer Jamie Smith.

The energetic sound of jigs and reels; or a graceful mazurka, an ecstatic muiñera; a haunting Welsh-language love-song or a driving, sing-along, fantasy epic – all are given the same refreshing, creative treatment as the band dances skilfully along the borders between Celtic heritage and contemporary sound.

“Exhilarating, just exhilarating – a band that perform with such enjoyment, excitement, style and wit – no histrionics, just a show of originality, energy and integrity…”

These young, virtuosic musicians are already veterans of the world music stage, and their latest album ‘Windblown’ has seen them rise to a new level of achievement and critical acclaim. From Cambridge and Cropredy to Celtic Connections; from Wales’ Llangollen Eisteddfod to the global stage of WOMAD; on UK tours, in European festivals and in dozens of countries worldwide – Jamie Smith’s MABON receive constant praise for both their live and recorded work.

Their concerts this season will showcase the broad palate of their ‘Windblown’ album live on stage. Stand by for infectious, life-affirming music by the spade full!

“A fearsome reputation as a live band” – Financial Times
“If music could fuel engines, Mabon could solve the energy crisis” – Songlines
“Fur coat AND knickers – Jamie Smith’s MABON are a class act” – fRoots