Guidewires are based in Co Clare and are being described as “The freshest sound in Irish music”.

With four members from Ireland and one from Brittany, their mix of music is not just Irish and Breton, but also Middle Eastern, Galician and newly composed.

Concertina player Pádraig Rynne from Co Clare has a number of All-Ireland titles to his name. Clare man Tóla Custy’s music springs from family tradition. Third Clare man Karol Lynch adds rhythm and counter melodies on bouzouki. More melody and cross-rhythms are supplied by Belfast-born guitarist Paul McSherry. Sylvain Barou, who plays flute with the band, is from Brittany. He plays Irish and Breton music, and is involved in many ground-breaking musical projects with influences from India, Turkey and Iran.

Guidewires will be performing at the Centenary Centre in Peel on Friday 22nd July 2011.