The flutes of Brian Finnegan and Sarah Allen, the guitar of Ed Boyd and the bodhran of John Joe Kelly have amazed and delighted audiences throughout the world.  With their roots firmly in  the tradition Flook display technical brilliance and musical imagination as they weave great music, from the delicate to the fiery, and from all points in between.

Their first album release came in 1997 with Flook! Live! This was followed by their debut studio album, Flatfish, in 1999. However, it was Flook’s live performances that really captivated those who watched and listened; the rapport between the musicians, their sheer enjoyment in playing together, has been noted by audiences and critics alike. Their next album, Rubai, released in 2002, was nominated for BBC Folk Album of the Year, was universally applauded by both journalists and fellow musicians and cemented Flook’s reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative bands to emerge from the English/Irish folk scene. They went on to win the coveted award for Best Group at BBC Folk Awards 2006.

Flook took a break from live performance at the end of 2008, but, by popular demand, they came back to grace the world’s stages once more in 2013.  We’re delighted to welcome Flook to Yn Chruinnaght 2015, where they’ll be playing at the Centenary Centre on Friday 17 July.