Duo Landat-Moisson

Lors Landat is a singer in the Breton language, full of energy and passion, who inspires people to get up and dance with his forceful performances and humour. He is involved with organizing the Festival Interceltique de Lorient and is a member of several combinations of Breton singers and musicians, but particularly with accordion player Thomas Moisson.

Thomas Moisson grew up performing early on for the demanding Celtic dances groups of Brittany, where he was noticed for his mature style despite his young age. Winner from 1998-2010, of more than twenty of the most prestigious traditional Breton music competitions, confirming his musical qualities and development, with his mixed accordion (diatonic and chromatic), and an incisive style which earned him immediate acceptance of the professional community and the public. He enjoys playing in a wide variety of settings. It was his particular request that he and Lors should collaborate with Manx musicians on a set for Yn Chruinnaght which they can also go on to perform at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient.

Duo Landat-Moisson will be performing in the Breton-Manx Collaboration with Mera Royle and David Kilgallon in the Centenary Centre on Friday 19 July, 7.30pm.

This unique concert is sponsored by Thornton Chartered Financial Planners, and it promises to be an unmissable evening of new and traditional music celebrating the firm friendship between these two Celtic nations!

http://www.thomasmoisson.com/ & www.facebook.com/lorslandat/