Ar Vreudeur Lorho-Pasco

Ar Vreudeur Lorho-Pasco are brothers Eliaz and Meriadeg, two Breton musicians from a musical family background from the Auray area of Brittany (near Vannes). As brothers they’ve performed together from a young age. They play local dances from the south of Brittany, as well as dances from other Breton territories. If you want to find them, just follow the noise!

Eliaz has played bombarde with Bagad Lann-Bihoué, Brittany’s only professional bagad, and with Breton traditional band Kenderv.  As well as bombarde, he plays the biniou kozh, ‘the old bagpipe’ of Brittany, an octave higher than the bombarde and usually with a single drone, which provides continuous support to the bombarde in the traditional sonerien or ‘sonneurs de couple’.  He also plays saxophone with crossover band ZBH.  He is currently based in Cornwall, where he takes part in the Cornish dance and music scene, including working with Cornish organist, Roger Pinsent, and playing as a member of a Breton-Cornish collaboration, BK, which came together for Aberfest in Falmouth.  Eliaz and his family have been involved in the development of Aberfest as a Breton and Cornish joint cultural celebration.  Eliaz has also been known to sing with his mother and sisters in a family group Dioulazed from time to time.

Meriadeg is a  talabarder, a bombarde player, who also plays the treujenn gaol, the clarinet, which became popular in Brittany at the end of the eighteenth century.  Treujenn gaol translates as cabbage stalk.  At his Breton-medium Diwan lycée in Karaez (Carhaix), Meriadeg became a member of a five-piece band called Eien, which has specialized in the traditional dance music of Brittany.  Meriadeg on treujenn gaol and fellow band-member, accordéonist Gweltaz Lintanf, are also much in demand as a duo for festoù noz and filajoù (Breton social events) throughout Brittany.