An Tri DipoP

An Tri DipoP is a quartet from Brittany who breathe originality with the warm colors of folk, pop and laid-back jazz to traditional Breton songs and dance music.

Singer Añjela Lorho-Pasco is from a musical family which has had connections with Yn Chruinnaght going back over many years. Her voice easily slips into that Breton musical dialogue of kan ha diskan, often with the trumpet of Brian Ruellan, but they are also joined by the sensitive guitar sound of Tristan Le Breton. The bass of Dylan James underpins the group’s performance. The group creates a sinuous, seductive sound that is a pleasure to hear and draws people into the dance.

An Tri DipoP were winners of the Trophée Loïc Raison for the best new band at the massive Festival Interceltique de Lorient in 2014, and released their first album, Mari-Louise, in 2015.

“Añjela takes on the role of a singing storyteller, and she successfully storms it with Tristan, Brian and Dylan’s subtle syncopated arrangements carrying her through.”
Mick Tems, Folk Wales Online Magazine

An Tri DipoP will be performing at the Centenary Centre on Thursday 14 July and for a fest noz at Peel Golf Club on Friday 15 July.

Click on the bar below for An Tri DipoP – Mari-Louise