Yn Chruinnaght & Cooish Manx Language Festival – October 2017

Yn Chruinnaght has joined forces with Cooish to organise two days of Manx language events and activities on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October.

Jeheiney 20 Jerrey Fouyir ~ Friday 20 October:

8pm GIENSE ~ Gaelg concert from 8-11pm at the Masonic Hall in Peel that will include music from Scran and the Mollag Band, as well as a quiz and the launch of a new book from Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh.

A £5 wristband (free for kids U18) must be purchased in advance at Culture Vannin, via Manx classes with Adrian Cain or reserved: info@ynchruinnaght.com

Jesarn 21 Jerrey Fouyir ~ Saturday 21 October: 

Workshops at Culture Vannin & Methodist Hall in St Johns

10am-12pm: Keirdlann Çhyndaays ~Translation Workshop

10am-12pm: Gaelg son paarantyn ~ Manx for parents

2pm-4pm: Arrane son Mannin ~ Song for Mannin

2pm-4pm: Gaase yn co-phobble ~ Expanding the tent / Paalan

The workshops are free (although donations welcome) but we’d like people to book in advance so we have a good idea of numbers.