………………………Celtic Gathering Isle of Man 2018………………………

The Celtic Gathering celebrates the 40th anniversary of Yn Chruinnaght which was first held in 1978. And it’s a real celebration as we present –

Wednesday 11 July :    award-winning Manx, Scottish and Irish band Ímar with award-winning Manx harper Mera Royle;
Thursday    12 July :    Irish and Scottish band Las with the Manx gypsy jazz of Clash Vooar;
Friday          13 July :    Welsh band NoGood Boyo with the great Manx family trio The Lawrences; and
Saturday      14 July :    fantastic Irish band Altan with inter-Celtic super-duo Keggin & Stitt.

We also have two great visiting dance bands, with Glaou from Brittany and Cymru Cymysg from Wales.

A festival pass is available online only at £55 for all four concerts and entrance to the family ceili after the concerts on Friday and Saturday.

Tickets available online here and also at Celtic Gold, Michael Street, Peel for individual events (not festival pass).

Yn Chruinnaght means the gathering, and Celtic Gathering Isle of Man helps to take that message out to even more people.

So come and be part of our gathering! It’s Celtic, and it’s here in the Isle of Man!