Yn Chruinnaght 2014!

We look forward this year to the visit of Jamie Smith's MABON, who won 'Best Group' in the 2014 Spiral Earth Awards, decided by public vote at the Spiral Earth Folk and Roots website. South Wales with strong Manx connections!

From Cornwall, we welcome The Brim, with Jamie Toms (guitar) and Alan Pengelly (accordion) providing a powerful sound which is perfect to accompany dances for a Cornish ceili (troyl) called by Julian Whiting, or just to enjoy the mix of Cornish music they play.

With family roots firmly entrenched in the Donegal Gaeltacht, traditional musicians The Friel Sisters - Anna, Sheila and Clare - though born and brought up in Glasgow, play a mixture of music and song, many from their family repertoire, on fiddle, flute and uilleann pipes.

Plus, as ever, friends from the fantastic body of top-class musicians and singers here in the Isle of Man, including internationally-renowned singer and guitarist, Davy Knowles.

CD - 'The Gathering'

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Ta'n Chruinnaght ny feailley jeh cultoor Vannin as y vooinjerys eddyr Ellan Vannin as ny queig cheeraghyn Celtiagh elley (Nalbin, Nerin, Y Vretin, Y Chorn as Y Vritaan). T'ee goaill stiagh kuse dy haghyrtyn lesh kiaull, daunse, y chengey, ellynyn as keirdyn, leaghtyn as mooarane elley.

Yn Chruinnaght (meaning 'the gathering') is a celebration of Manx culture and the relationship between the Isle of Man and the other five Celtic countries (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany). It includes a number of events with music, dance, language, arts and crafts, lectures and much more.

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Wednesday 16th July:
Concert at 7.30pm with Davy Knowles
and other Manx and visiting performers
St German's Cathedral, Peel



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