Cooish 2019

Cooish 2019: #Yourmanxstory

Jeheiney 1 Mee Houney – Friday 1 November 

11am -1pm Pop-up Gaeltagh ayns M&S, Doolish. Gaelg, caffee as sconnag.
After the successful Pop-Up at M&S last year Pobble are returning to the M&S Caffe for a cowag.  All welcome.
Please note: Pobble cannot be held responsible for the lack of scones due to the late sailing of the boats!

5-6pm Jamys Jeheiney ‘special’ (even more special) 

7.30pm: Leaght y Ghaaue: Bee Adrian Cain loayrt bit beg mychione skeeal Nerin. Ayns Leaght enmyssit ‘yn politickeyr jarroodit’ bee Adrian ginsh bea mychione ashooneyder ta bunnys jarroodit ain ny laghyn shoh.  Boayl: Bunscoill Ghaelgagh

Jesarn 2 Mee Houney – Saturday 2nd November 
Moghrey Caffee ec y Halley Saasilagh ayns Balley Keeill Eoin

Jeebin, The Manx Language Network, will be hosting a coffee and information morning at the Methodist Hall in St Johns from 10.30am. Participants will include:

Jeebin: Find out about the Network, its strategy and work.
Culture Vannin: James Harrison will be available to answer questions about classes for beginner learners of Manx. A great opportunity to meet Culture Vannin’s most experienced adult language teacher and get to know the man behind the faasaag.
Mooinjer Veggey: Bilingual education and language instruction through Manx at the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh. An opportunity to find out about how bilingual education can benefit your child.
Pobble: Pobble will be at hand to tell more about their ‘buddy system’ for learners and explain how you can sign up.
From class to conversation: Adrian Cain, The Manx language Development Officer, for Culture Vannin will be on hand to provide tips on how to make the transition from class based Manx to speaking it in the wild.
Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh: Buy a book and loayr beggan Gaelg

Yn Chruinnaght – Giense y Cooish 
Booise da’n Chruinnaght
Peel Sailing & Cruise Club from 7.30pm
Donations on door
Kiaull, some poetry, quizz and a cowag all wrapped into one sizeable Oie Ghaelgagh.